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When Children Get Neglected

Donate UsThis project has come during the right time with great urgency since it is meant to fill in the gap that Parents, teachers and other community members neglected their responsibility in educating their youth about HIV/AIDS prevention. It is urgent since the number of new infections among young people in our areas is increasing daily. The transition made here is base where our youth will have the right knowledge that will empower them in the right actions. That will contribute into the reduction of not only new HIV infections, but also reduction of other sexually transmitted diseases as it fills the knowledge gap created by existence of silence among parents teachers and other community.

HIV Prevention Program for Youth

INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Today, young people (15-24) account for 40 per cent of all new adult HIV infections. Each day, more than 2400 young people become infected with HIV—and some five million young people are living with HIV. Young people are a fulcrum. They remain at the center of the epidemic and they have the power, through their leadership, to definitively change the course of the AIDS epidemic. Experience over the past decade has demonstrated how to address HIV among young people. In countries with concentrated epidemics, programs and resources must focus on adolescents and youth who engage in risky behaviors, including injecting drugs, selling sex and men who have sex with men. In countries with generalized epidemics, where the general population is at risk, all vulnerable young people, particularly young women, need to be targeted priority in policy and program design. Evidence shows that sex education helps in reducing the risk of HIV by delaying the onset of sexual activ…