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Innovative Community Based Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Aghaz-e-Nau (AeN) plans to carry out “An Innovative Community Based Drug Abuse Prevention and Awareness Program” with the following features:
1- Youth development programAeN will provide training to young students in drug abuse prevention counseling. A total number of 240 students will receive training. These students will be certified as youth leaders. A group of 30 students will receive training every week in the following areas:

Drug addiction is a brain diseaseHazards of drug abuseIdentification of personal risk factorsDeveloping protective factorsStaying away from drugs

Training workshops will help young students develop communication skills, assertiveness skills, confidence building and healthy self esteem to resist the influence of drug abuse and to help them taking healthy decision at the right time.

Training workshops will be helpful for young people to learn how to act in the world around them, to explore, express, belong and influence. Opportunities give young people the ch…