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Seminar at Gulberg College

A seminar was held by Aghaz-e-Nau for the students of Government College for Women Gulberg, Lahore. The seminar was organized by Aghaz-e-Nau in collaboration with Anti Narcotics Force and Government College for Women, Gulberg with the following objectives:
To introduce “Lahore Drug Free City Project”To discuss the Role of ANF in Drug Supply/Drug Demand ReductionTo carry out Drug Abuse Prevention ActivitiesTo create awareness on harmful effects of drugsTo convey a message to the students to live a drug free life          To motivate Students to create massive awareness against drug abuse Target Audience: Yong Students  Faculty Members NGO Representatives Audience Response/Objectives achieved
A few students participated in drug abuse prevention activities with enthusiasm to convey the message to   their fellow members to turn Lahore into a drug free city.These students did their job successfully on a very short notice.All the students took an oath to turn Lahore into a drug free city.All the…