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Our Journey

Aghaz-E-Nau (AEN) has experience of working with NGOs/CBOs from different cities of Pakistan. AEN carried out capacity building programs for NGOs/CBOs from all over the Pakistan. Our main focus remained on PWID, FSWs, Inmates and Youth as far as HIV prevention interventions are concerned. We carried out two projects for FSWs funded by CIDA and UNODC respectively. AEN also worked with sex workers (FSWs, MSW/MSM/TGs) to see the effect of different prevention interventions on high risk behavior of sex workers. Our work with sex workers got published in many journals. Given below is a short list of projects, which we carried out starting from 1993 till 2017. AEN started its journey with the establishment of a drug rehabilitation center in 1993 with the help of UNDCP initially and then we received funds from EU, CRS and UNODC. We established a separate drug rehabilitation center for females in 1995 with the help of CIDA. We also developed and executed a successful drug abuse prevention prog…

HIV Prevention for Key Populations

Services Delivery Package for HIV prevention for key populations with expected Outcome.