Learn to Cope with Anxiety

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In my previous post I mentioned that young students start using drugs because of anxiety. At the same time we see females using psychotropic drugs too. Aghaz-e-Nau carried out a pilot project to establish treatment and rehabilitation services for females and it was indicated that 41% females were using drugs because of stress, tension and anxiety.

Today I will give a few suggestions to cope with anxiety. Before I start let me tell you that anxiety has genetic reasons at the same time environmental factors play a great role to learn to experience anxiety in certain situations. Mostly, we learn to be fearful or anxious in early childhood.

Parents, Teachers and Other Significant people pay an important role by: Keeping high expectations from their children as a result children learn to become perfectionists . physical, verbal or sexual abuse is also one of the causes of anxiety, any other traumatic experience, children learn to feel shy and don't discuss with others.

In early childhood they manage to cope with it, some get out of it with time. But others feel that the problem has become severe to the extent they feel themselves to be helpless and many of them remain unable to continue with their studies or work.

Techniques to overcome anxiety

1- Learn that anxiety is a normal and natural bodily response

2- Accept that fight and flight response is Nature’s way to help you

3- Learn to break the vicious cycle, the moment you feel a “trigger”

4- Learn to relax through deep breathing, relaxation exercises and imagination

5- Overcome past unpleasant memories and learn to reprogram your mind

6- You can reprogram your mind by using imagination

7- Kill your perfectionism and stop becoming self conscious

8- Expose yourself to difficult situations and Just do it

9- Practice yoga and hypnosis

10- Remember having some anxiety is healthy and it will remain with you for some time and will disappear soon


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