Develop Positive Attitude

We need to shift our focus to develop positive thinking. When we start putting focus on positive things, we develop a positive attitude. We can avoid a number of problems and life seems to be colourful. We feel full of energy and we can do a lot in less time. Success becomes our destiny.
You can use a few simple techniques to shift your focus from the negative to the positive.

• Build a desire to become positive

• Look for the positives in self and others

• Whenever you become a victim of a negative thought put your focus on your blessings, strengths and achievements

• Learn to relax and in relaxed state of mind imagine yourself having a positive attitude

• Get in touch with your positive feelings

• Share your positive feelings with others


adams said…
Easy said than done! Can you claim that you have positive attitude... honestly... on oath!


Yes! Easy said than done. Developing positive attitude is just like learning a new have to work hard on yourself...human mind plays games, one day you are feeling positive and the other day you might you need to learn to take control of your mind and learn to take one day at a far as myself is concerned i do have a positive attitude towards life and more than that my faith is very the same time i do realize that at times one goes throuh rough and tough month back my husband had a massive heart attack...his doctor lost hope and me a human being, i lost hope but as a spiritual being i had faith....i kept praying, praying and praying....after 12 hours his doctor informed me that he was out of day he went for his angioplasty and doing well now....very much back to life with a positive attitude....i hope i answered you clearly.
Adams said…
thanks! hope your husband is feeling better now.

Let me say and please bear with me if I say that your attitude regarding the incident you mentioned had nothing to do with having positive attitude.... it was faith.. and faith is based on belief system and not logic... faith can never be based on logic…. Faith defies logic. And your argument in the write up regarding positive attitude was based on logic...! what do you say...?
Thank you adams, my husband is better, feeling fine and very much back to his normal routine. I agree with you that faith is not based on logic…. I would like to say that logic defies faith and logic defies all the changes, which we plan to bring in ourselves and same is with positive develop positive attitude one has to take control of one's mind and that is the sub-conscious mind, which is not logical mind but creative part of the develop any new skill or to develop/change a habit we have to reach the sub-conscious can use different methods to do so like imagination followed by positive affirmations, writing down positive affirmations or using hypnosis....these methods will hit the sub-conscious mind and i usually say it is like constant have to work hard on your sub-conscious mind and eventually the idea, which is being given to the sub-conscious mind becomes other words we start to experience it at the conscious level…in my upcoming posts I will be more specific...with due respect I would like to say that in reply to your previous comment I did mention that I hold a positive attitude but in certain situations when we are badly stressed out, it becomes difficult to remain positive and at that time faith helps and my faith is much stronger than my positive attitude...I wanted to say that “I am a person with positive attitude towards self, life and others but when I was under pressure my positive attitude alone didn’t help me” ...thank you for taking interest and would love to interact with you.
Adams said…
Hey there! Interesting and very impressive! But aren’t you denying yourself…? You are saying that you have positive attitude …. But you have faith which is stronger than your positive attitude… correct…? In the same breath you are saying that both defy logic…!. Let’s discus it a bit more...

‘Faith’ is just faith … without any evidence… without any argument…without anything… but just a belief system – a dogma, if you don’t mind please… which is ironically is statistical in nature! If I believe in something which rest of the world doesn’t then I am abnormal …OK… according you psychologist!! But if I preach my belief systems and people start believing in my words, it becomes faith… a religion…! Isn’t it abnormal in itself?

On the other hand, you said that positive attitude also defies logic… then there is no difference between the two… you positive attitude and your faith are same… may be two sides of the same coin… then how could you say that your positive attitude didn’t help when in distress but faith did….

Then you said that one has to “hammer” positive attitude…. Hey, here you are saying that like a circus master you have to “train” your mind about it…. Just conditioning…. Nothing more…!

So end of the day…. Both faith (that is religion) and positive attitude (a thinking pattern) are just conditioning… your first conditioning is stronger than the later one as since you were born your first conditioning got started and the later one you were taught to do later….. both by others… no choice of our own… but surely we say it is “our own choice”… we get so conditioned…!

Try to think about it, it is difficult, threatening and need courage…!!! But give it a try with independent mind and ‘your so called positive attitude”… try it …..and you will be scared, I promise!
You seem to be an intelligent person and your ideas are really challenging…you rightly said that faith and attitude (either positive or negative) are actually conditioning …we learn to think or behave in a certain way in our early childhood and we continue thinking or behaving in that similar way in our adulthood, which is called conditioning….as we grow older it becomes difficult for us to change our thinking, attitude and/or behaviour….a child learns faster than an adult because his logic is not fully developed and as a result we can help a child shape his behaviour easily as compared to an adult….I would like to say that attitude is a part of personality and faith is a part of spirituality so faith is not only strong but difficult to change …you will find it hard rather close to impossible to change someone’s faith but you can help others to change their attitude (in some cases with some difficulty and in some cases with ease)…to my knowledge faith and attitude are two different aspects despite being a fact that both are the result of conditioning… is when we surrender ourselves to our Higher Power and positive attitude is when we put our focus on positive things in our lives….for example, a young student comes to me and says I can’t do well in my exams….this is having a negative attitude towards oneself and with some help that same student learns to be positive “Oh! I can do well in my exams”….this is being positive….at the same time if he says “I am being positive, I am praying and I am sure to do well in my exams”….he is having faith too. In my case when I lost hope, I surrendered myself to my Higher Power….so when we are under pressure it becomes difficult to remain positive (sometimes not always). Yes faith is without evidence so as with attitude…..I tell you that I am having a positive attitude towards you….how do you know? What is the evidence? Please note there is no such thing as normal or abnormal….what I think, feel and do is normal for me and the way others think, feel and do is normal too. Yes I did mention that logic defies positive attitude….a person who is a chain smoker and wants to quit smoking but remains unable to do so….why? Because his logic says you can’t quit….if we bypass his logic and plant a seed in his sub-conscious mind, he will be able to quit….we do have choices in life….we create our own reality…but we need to realize that by taking charge of the sub-conscious mind we can become what we plan to become….I became a psychotherapist because I wanted to….it was my own decision…my father wanted me to become a medical doctor…I created my own reality…why to be scared?
Adams said…
thanks for the detailed reply. At least you accepted the fact that both faith and positive thinking are conditioning! You have courage but regarding faith childhood conditioning coming in the way…!

However, for faith you said that it is "...surrendering to a Higher Power...". In both the cases when you change your attitude because of some "teaching" whether for attitudes or faith... you do it for a 'higher' authority... a psychologist or a preacher...!

Moreover, who told you regarding "the Higher Power" .... your conditioning since you were born! Generations after generations are conditioned... it becomes part of our collective unconscious …. it becomes part of our support system (as it helped you in a crises situation)… it becomes our coping mechanism… becomes part of us…rather we become part of it…

However it remains CONDITIONING but we term it as “SPIRTULAITY” … to satisfy ourselves.

And you are also doing it because it is scary and that what I meant…!

What do you say ….? More justifications or coping mechanisms….because of conditioning!!!
yes Adams my concept of my Higher Power is based on my childhood conditioning and i agree with you that it becomes a part of our collective is a very strong support system but i am not scared of my creater (my Higer Power)...i feel my Higher Power is full of and fear can't go together as positive energy and negative energy can't be together.....SPIRITUALITY, CONDITIONING or RELIGIOSITY are different terms to express one concept... i try not to justify my behavior or my actions...this was a part of my training as a therapist...nice to interact with you....keep in touch.

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