Innovative Community Based Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Aghaz-e-Nau (AeN) plans to carry out “An Innovative Community Based Drug Abuse Prevention and Awareness Program” with the following features:

1- Youth development programAeN will provide training to young students in drug abuse prevention counseling. A total number of 240 students will receive training. These students will be certified as youth leaders. A group of 30 students will receive training every week in the following areas:

  •          Drug addiction is a brain disease
  •          Hazards of drug abuse
  •          Identification of personal risk factors
  •          Developing protective factors
  •          Staying away from drugs

Training workshops will help young students develop communication skills, assertiveness skills, confidence building and healthy self esteem to resist the influence of drug abuse and to help them taking healthy decision at the right time.

Training workshops will be helpful for young people to learn how to act in the world around them, to explore, express, belong and influence. Opportunities give young people the chance to test ideas and behaviors and to experiment with different roles. It is important to stress that young people, just like adults, learn best through active participation and that learning occurs in all types of settings and situations.

Training workshops will provide motivational, emotional and strategic supports to young students to succeed in life. The supports can take many different forms, but they must be affirming, respectful, and ongoing. The supports are most powerful when they are offered by a variety of people, such as parents, community/social networks, teachers, youth workers and peers who are involved in the lives of young people.

2- Club Activities – AeN will work as a student membership organization (Club). Youth leaders will work to carry out drug abuse awareness activities, provide training and leadership development to help other students develop “protective factors”   sponsor prevention activities, and encourage volunteerism & mentoring.

3- Parents’ Power – AeN will conduct “parent education program” that has been designed to enhance parenting skills to foster healthy families to be able to resist drug abuse. A total number of 8 training workshops will be carried out for parents in 8 different schools. These training workshops will help parents know the hazards of drug abuse and empower them to learn and develop positive preventive action. Training workshops will help parents:

  •          Be a good listener
  •          Give clear no-use messages about drugs and alcohol
  •           Help their children deal with peer pressure
  •          Get to know their children’s friends and parents
  •          Monitor their children’s whereabouts
  •          Supervise teen activities
  •          Maintain an open and honest dialogue with their children

4- Teachers’ Power – AeN will conduct “teacher education program”. Teachers exert a significant influence on students' attitudes, knowledge, and opinions. They can complement a drug abuse prevention program. Teachers will learn to structure activities that require students to consider several options before making a decision. 

5- Networking - AeN will develop linkages with local health providers and medical stores for information exchange, service needs identification and referral encouragement. Community action box – AeN will develop IEC material for students, parents, teachers and community leaders including leaflets and posters.

6- Heroes Program/Media – AeN will involve national heroes as role models to reinforce drug abuse prevention and awareness activities. AeN will also involve media to reach the masses. All the prevention activities carried out by AeN will be documented and 4 programs will be taken “on air” on weekly basis on a local TV Channel. The most appropriate role the media can play in preventing drug abuse is the dissemination of school-based approaches of proven efficacy. It will encourage positive interpersonal communication. Mass media programs are seen as means to improve acceptance of school-based prevention programs by parents.

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