Seminar at Gulberg College

A seminar was held by Aghaz-e-Nau for the students of Government College for Women Gulberg, Lahore. The seminar was organized by Aghaz-e-Nau in collaboration with Anti Narcotics Force and Government College for Women, Gulberg with the following objectives:

  •          To introduce “Lahore Drug Free City Project”
  •          To discuss the Role of ANF in Drug Supply/Drug Demand Reduction
  •          To carry out Drug Abuse Prevention Activities
  •          To create awareness on harmful effects of drugs
  •          To convey a message to the students to live a drug free life          
  •          To motivate Students to create massive awareness against drug abuse
Target Audience:
  •         Yong Students  
  •          Faculty Members 
  •          NGO Representatives  
Audience Response/Objectives achieved

  •          A few students participated in drug abuse prevention activities with enthusiasm to convey the message to   their fellow members to turn Lahore into a drug free city.
  •          These students did their job successfully on a very short notice.
  •          All the students took an oath to turn Lahore into a drug free city.
  •          All the faculty members liked the seminar and wanted to have more intensive activities like training programs in the future.
  •          The Chief Guest commented that it was a very well organized seminar, presented in a totally different way as compared to any other seminar and it was highly informative and interesting at the same time. The Principal, Mrs. Praveen Qamar appreciated the efforts of Aghaz-e-Nau, ANF and all the students who took part in different activities and mentioned that seminar was highly informative for the students.
Comparing was done by the students

Recitation of Holy Qur’an 

Recitation of Naat

Presentation by Ms. Maria Ali, Drug Demand Reduction Officer, ANF

A Short Play on Hazards of Drugs

A Poem on Hope to make Lahore a Drug Free City by Ms. Sumaira Shahzad, Psychologist 

A Mime was presented with the idea to help drug addicts stay away from drugs

Address by the Chief Guest, Mr. Khalid Dher, Advisor to Chairman Youth Parliament 




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