Why Peer Counseling Training?

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There is no single reason to start using drugs. In most cases drugs are used by teenagers who have problems that they can't deal with. Many people use drugs for some unexplained reasons but the most common reasons are: to overcome shyness; to overcome stress; to seek pleasure; to overcome anger or other unpleasant feelings; to improve confidence, self image or self worth; to cope with problems at home; to cope with problems in relationships; the most common reason that makes people to use drugs is peer pressure; some use drugs because of being adventurous and curious; problems in school, college or university like low attention span, concentration and memory problems; poor grades and some end up using drugs because one of the family members is drug addicted.
Many factors can add to a person’s risk for drug abuse. Risk factors can increase a person’s chances for drug abuse, while protective factors can reduce the risk as reported by nida research. Risk and protective factors can affect children at different stages of their lives. At each stage, risks occur that can be changed through prevention and intervention. Early childhood risks, such as aggressive behaviour, can be changed or prevented with family, school, and community interventions that focus on helping children develop appropriate, positive behaviours. If not addressed, negative behaviours can lead to more risks, such as academic failure and social difficulties, which put children at further risk for later drug abuse.
Peer Counseling Training for young students is a wonderful idea to help them stay away from drugs. It gives them a healthy environment to interact with others and develop confidence; self worth and communication skills. Good communication skills help them resist peer pressure, which is the most common cause of drug abuse.


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