Bright Stars Hope: A Poem by Sumaira Shahzad

Bright Stars

We all are the stars
Shining despite of the scars
Its is the brightness we are searching for
It’s the darkness we want to cure
It’s the destiny we want to ours

We all are the stars
What if we become sometimes a little dull?
Painful, restless with a fearful skull
We all have shine within us
That never lets us to burn
It’s the shine of truth & spirituality
It’s the shine of positivity & orignality

The only need is to take off our false masks
Is to be honest with our own hearts
Then we could be the Bright Stars
Shining brightly despite of the scars
We all are the stars
We all are the stars

Sumaira Shahzad


Anonymous said…
wonder ful poem, simple and apealing.
thank you for your appreciation.

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