Poem by Arjumand Ayub

Bright Stars

Bright star
I want relief…..
Some sanity,
I am drowned in ignorance.
I am in pain
I need help!

O Star! O Star! O Star!
Can you do something for me?
Kill my pain…
Take my woes,
Can you give me strength to face the world?

Here I am the bright star,
Yes I can help you fight the war.
O I am here to light your life,
There’s just a little to strive.
It’s your trust I have to take,
And turn it into your belief to find the way.

Arjumand Ayub



I like this poem. Flowers on your blog are addictive!
thank you for becoming a part of my community and thanks a lot for the appreciation of the poem written by one of my trainees. let me tell you that i am from Lahore. by profession i am a clinical psychologist.i carry out training workshops for for young students and mainly i developed this blog for my trainees.

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