New Life

Let’s be connected with ourselves

Let’s bring all our fears to an end

Let’s stop hating the mistakes

Losing trust because of the one "fake"

Let’s find the time for deep mental rest

Deep, deep and for deep relaxing breath

Let’s accept ourselves in the way we are

Placing the self in the place of stars

Let our eyes free to dreams
Sparkling in all the shiny blue beams

Let’s take a new positive start today

starting a new life and new everyday

Sumaira Shahzad


Anonymous said…
Helloo..this is me Uzma, nice blog specially as i opened it, my eyes went through a poem written by Miss Sumaira ..its great and thought provoking.It is reflecting hope and showing positive side..its rhythm is perfect..its significance is that this poem speaking its self what this blog is meant for...great..good effort and keep it up.
good work dear. very nice poem
Thank you Uzma and goes to Sumaira because this poem was written by her and published by me.Sumaira is working for Aghaz-e-Nau, which is a not for profit organization.

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