Seminar at F.C College University

Seminar on Drug Abuse Prevention

1- General Information
            Date:                           2. 05.2011
            Time:                          11:00 am to 01:40 pm
            Venue:                        Hall No. E-25, F. C. College University, Lahore
Chief Guest:               Mr. Muhammad Altaf Qamar, Deputy Director General, ANF, Pakistan
            Guest Speakers:        Brig. Shahid Afzal, Force Commander, ANF, Punjab
Mr. Khalid Dher, Advisor to Chairman Youth Parliament

2- Aims and Objectives:

  •     To introduce “Lahore Drug Free City Project”
  •          To discuss the Role of ANF in Drug Supply Reduction and Drug Demand Reduction
  •          To carry out Drug Abuse Prevention Activities
  •          To create awareness on harmful effects of drugs
  •          To convey a message to live a drug free life by facing the challenges of  life          
  •          To motivate  the Students to create massive awareness against drug abuse in the society
  •          To educate the students to work towards a drug free society

3- Organized By:

The seminar was organized by Aghaz-e-Nau in collaboration with Maj. (R) Nadeem Abbas, Project Manager, Lahore Drug Free City and Red Crescent Youth Group of Forman Christine College University 

4- Target Audience:

  •          Students
  •          Faculty Members  
  •          NGO Representatives

5- Audience Response/Objectives achieved
·         The play was highly appreciated by the audience. It was a true story of a girl, who started using hash at a very young age and eventually developed drug induced psychosis. They were able to understand the hazards of hash.

·       Slide show was appreciated by the students and the teachers. All the teachers felt that it was informative, especially the part of “steroid abuse” as it is a commonly used drug by the young students as said by the teachers.

·         The Chief Guest’s Presentation was highly appreciated and liked by the audience. All the students took an oath to spread the message around and to turn Lahore into a drug free city.
·         All the faculty members liked the seminar and wanted to have more intensive activities like training programs in the future.

·         Though there was some mismanagement due to technical problems related to multimedia and the sound system, yet the entire event was appreciated by the audience.
·         Some participants gave their positive feedback on Facebook

6- Photographic Coverage of the Activity:

6.1- Comparing was done by Sayeda Komal Farooq President Red Crescent Youth Group of  F. C. College University 

6.2- A brief introduction of the guest speakers and the Chief Guest was given by Dr. Farahat Iqbal, Advisor of Red Crescent Youth Group of  F. C. College University  

6.3- A Play “The Lost Soul” was presented by the students. It was on harmful effects of Hash

6.4- A Speech on "Drugs and Youth" was delivered by Mr. Khalid Dher, Advisor to Chairman Youth Parliament

6.5- A Poem on Hazards of Alcohol “I Never Asked You to Be My Dad” was presented by one of the students

6.6- A brief description of harmful effects of Drugs was given by Dr. Mahmooda Aftab followed by a Slide Show

6.7- A Student sang a song on "Bright Star"

6.8- A well elaborated Speech was delivered by Brig. Shahid Afzal, Force Commander, Anti Narcotics Force, Punjab

6.9- A Shield was given by the Chief Guest to Dr. Farahat Iqbal

6.10- Certificate of Appreciation was given by the Chief Guest to 28 Students who participated in different activities 

6.11- Address by the Chief Guest on “Lahore Drug Free City” followed by Pledge

6.12- Pledge to Turn Lahore into a Drug Free City


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