Female Drug Users

AeN is working in collaboration with Legal Aid Center to provide training to Female Para legal Workers on drug abuse and HIV Prevention since 1994. AeN provides training to 40 Female Para legal Workers every year from 40 slums of Lahore. After completing training sessions these Female Para legal Workers conduct seminars in slums of Lahore under direct supervision of AeN. It is estimated that there are 8,000 Drug Users and approximately 1200 female drug users with a very low number of injecting drug users. Females in these areas are using heroin, hash and local alcohol.
Awareness of HIV transmission is increasing in these areas still many females are into high risk behavior including selling sex. It is estimated that approximately 50 per cent of Female Drug Users sell sex to earn their bread and butter and they are unable to negotiate safe sex. Almost each female is having 4-5 sex partners thus putting themselves at high risk of HIV/AIDS and other blood borne diseases. There is a strong need to enhance HIV prevention and care services. 


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