Help Your Child Stay Away From Drugs

Given below are a few tips for parents to help their children prevent from using drugs.

1-Discuss the Issue
Children get to know a lot though their peers and mostly they tend to develop misconceptions about drug and alcohol abuse. So make sure to take out some time and discuss these issues with your children and help them understand the harmful effects of drug or alcohol abuse.
2-Listen to your Child
Pay attention to your child and carefully listen to him when he or she comes up with questions or concerns related to drugs. Encourage your child to share his o her feelings with you and be supportive.
3- Help your Child Develop Self Confidence
Let your child know about his or her strengths and potentials. Prais your child's efforts and achievements. It will help your child develop confidence and self esteem. If you have to correct your child's behavior, don't criticize him rather let your child know that he needs to change his behavior. Remember to be a good role model.
4- Help your Child Develop Strong Values
Set rules, standards and values and be a good example. You follow these values first and your child will learn to practice it too. Remember it will help your child feel good about himself.
5- Help your Child Cope with Peer Pressue
Help your child understand the importance of being an individual. Make him ealize that he is a unique individual. As a result your child will learn to accept himself. Sel acceptance help children resist peer pressure.
6-Help your Child to Get Involved in Healthy and Creative Activities
Look for activities that you and your child can do together. It will give you a chance to understand your child. Moreover, your child will feel good about it.
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Anonymous said…
i liked your idea but you need to tell more about it.
I will keep posting more about drug abuse prevention and how to help today's yoth stay away from drugs. So keep visiting my blog. Thanks fo your interest.

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