Thursday, April 30, 2009

Improve your Self Esteem to Stay Away fom Drugs

Bright Stars

One of the reasons of using drugs is low self esteem. Mostly young people start using drugs because of approval seeking behavior. If we help them improve their self esteem, we can help them from using drugs. First of all one needs to know what is self esteem and then we need to know how to improve our self esteem. In this post i will define self esteem and in my next post I will give a few tips to improve self esteem.
Self Esteem
The way you feel about yourself impacts how and why you do everything in life. If you feel good about yourself, then what you do will be an outside reflection of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Positive self-esteem comes from within and does not change because the circumstances change. High self-esteem is relatively stable even when the forecast looks foreboding.
Your self-esteem is like a star at night that shines brightest when it is the darkest. It is your inner light that burns brightly and freely no matter what is happening around you. Self-esteem is perfectly intact when we are born, in fact, it is inherent to us; however, it often diminishes over the course of our childhood. We lose a little of it whenever we fail, make mistakes, misbehave, feel guilty, refuse to forgive, neglect ourselves, and/or do things we are ashamed of. As an adult, we sometimes feel as if our self is in pieces--- that we are somehow not whole and complete.
This is not true. We are whole and complete even with our missing pieces and broken parts. We just need to decide to gather up ourselves up and become whole again. I am willing to bet that when you look back over your life, the first thing that comes to mind is the regret, the sad times in your past. Do you see the pieces of yourself lying along the path of your life? The ones where you didn’t feel good enough, or where you were criticized or blamed by someone else? But have you ever stopped to look at the memories of when you won the prize, felt really great, on top of the world----those moments that prove what a wonderfully amazing human being you are?


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